• The Real Deal

Posted by Richard 
July 9, 2015

I spoke with eleven attorney's including Mr. Mishkin, before retaining his law firm. He was the second attorney I spoke with and I knew I wanted his Firm to represent me. There was something about him. He was genuine and he listened to me. A bit of sense of humor as well, which was refreshing, especially under the circumstances that caused me to retain his firm. Throughout his firm's representation, his staff was second to none. I received...


  • Knowledgable Attorney

Posted by Angela 
June 26, 2015

I have consulted with Scott Mishkin on several occasions and he has restored my wavering faith in attorneys. Scott takes the time to fully explain the potential obstacles as well as the benefits of litigation. His knowledge of local Town ordinances is superior and he shares his knowledge generously. Scott's office staff is client oriented and appointment times are flexible to suit the needs of the client. Overall impression is excellent.

  • Outstanding Attorney and Outstanding Service

Posted by Linda 
June 7, 2015

Scott Michael Mishkin is an outstanding attorney plain and simple. He is genuine, honest and extremely hard working. He has been representing my legal interests for years. I am a very demanding client and more often than not want things my way. Mr. Mishkin always promptly returns my e-mails or telephone messages and will explain things to me over and over again, on procedure or law, until I understand. He also has a sense of humor. Its...


  • Rare Attorney

Posted by Barbara 
May 12, 2015

From our initial consultation and follow up up through the end of his representation of me, Scott was outstanding. He listened to me and always set forth options based on the law and the facts of my case. He is truly a rare attorney these days, as he always returned my telephone calls, (which were often) and would meet with me whenever I wanted or he felt the need for me to come in so he could explain a procedure or the potential harm to my case. I highly recommend him. So rare and so dedicated. He cares.

  • Josephine Purcaro--lawyer review

Posted by jpurcaro1026 
April 29, 2015

Look no further...If labor law is your issue then Scott is your guy.. The way the law is written I did not get that much of a settlement... So therefore Scott did not take any fee for himself...Great Service/Great Values...Still came out ahead of the game. If I ever need labor law again--I would never go to anyone else.

  • happily retired.

Posted by chris 
April 16, 2015

I hired Scott after being terminated from my job. I was feeling that this was based on my age. Scott represented me and negotiated a severance package for me. He was very professional and I would recommend him.

  • Extremely Honest and Dedicated

Posted by Bridget 
April 10, 2015

From my initial consultation with Mr. Mishkin through the successful end of his representation of my case, he was truly outstanding. He was honest, hardworking and extremely dedicated. There were times when it was difficult for me to hear him tell me his truthful law opinion about my case after we reviewed the opposing side's discovery responses they provided to us, as he never sugar coated what my burden or proof was...


  • (((( Outstanding ))))

Posted by Nancy 
March 19, 2015

Would not hesitate, for a second, to recommend Scott Mishkin, Esq. as a labor law attorney. Scott went above and beyond what needed to be done on my behalf, and left me confident with his vast knowledge and expertise, and will not quit until he exhausts all possibilities. This is an attorney that will call you back. Need I say more!

  • Very trustworthy. Unbelievable communication

Posted by jodi 
January 30, 2015

I am an employee of the courts. My faith in attorneys was at an all time low. I needed my own attorney and was referred to Mr. Mishkin. I was very skeptical when i arrived. After speaking to him for a while, I realized how knowledgeable he was and could not believe how much time he spent listening and advising me of my options. When I read the bad review on this site, I just couldn't believe it. That has NOT been my experience at all. He..


Posted by ALIDA 
October 21, 2016


Hired attorney

  • Glad I had him!

Anonymous review posted on 
March 2, 2016

I worked for an agency for many years. During the last year, I worked with an individual who was sexist. I requested a transfer verbally on numerous occasions but this fell on deaf ears. After sending letters to the appropriate parties I was granted a transfer. After this I began to be retaliated against. I retained Scott who fought for my rights! He truly had my back and I highly recommend him!

Hired attorney

  • VERY rare find these days!!

Posted by Sandra 
February 5, 2016

Just a quick background story. I, as a professional employee of a very large company that i had been working for approximately five years, I was being bullied, discriminated against, retaliated against, was constantly being threatened to be fired, for nothing legitimate. This went on for the last year of my employment there. I had been brought down to the HR director and accused of ridiculous things from doing drugs at work to coming to work...


Hired attorney

  • Highy Recommend

Posted by Francesco 
December 2, 2015

My initial consultation with Mr. Mishkin was clearly looking out for my best interest even if it meant making a difficult choice of not moving forward with the discrimination case. I have only respect for such a professional who puts himself out for his clients and CARES about what is just even if it means a struggle without a payoff for him and his team.

Mr Mishkin always communicated and actually listened and genuinely felt he was fighting...


Hired attorney

  • Great Law Firm

Anonymous review posted on 
October 15, 2015

I hired this Law Firm to represent me in a matter against a major PD. I was previously with a high profile attorney. I wasn't happy with their representation. I left them and was looking for another attorney. I met with Scott Mishkin and knew he was the attorney for the job. He has a great Associate Attorney Kathleen Tirelli who is very competent. They make a great team. They are very attentive to your case. They are extremely knowledgeable and very...


Hired attorney

  • Very professional, honest, and Scott and his team give you such a sense of understanding of what is happening.

Posted by Audra 
September 25, 2015

I have never been anything but completely happy and calm when dealing with Scott or anyone in his team of knowledgable employees. He has given me represention through this whole litigation process, I am always fully kept up to speed with what is happening with my lawsuit, he always goes the extra mile in what ever stage we are in. He always makes sure I understand what is happening and what to expect next, he fully prepared...


Hired attorney

  • I agree. Exceptional.

Posted by Richard 
September 11, 2015

It's true. Scott Michael Mishkin and his team are rare. I knew every thing about my case step by step. Returned telephone calls, e-mails with attached court documents, regular billing statements so I knew exactly what was performed on my matter, and yes, successful litigation. Mr. Mishkin would even contact me after work hours and on weekends to answer my questions. Even on Sunday. He and his team were very dedicated to my matter and I...


Hired attorney

  • Outstanding Highly Recommend

Posted by Andrew 
August 14, 2015

I am a professional and run a very active heavily employed public business. Mr. Mishkin's Law Firm was highly recommended to me to defend my business in claims for discrimination, retaliation and unpaid wages. Mr. Mishkin and his staff were successful in representing my business interests and myself and my partners could not have been more satisfied and appreciative of the outcome and effort of this wonderful and...


Hired attorney

  • Excellent

Posted by Gina 
August 5, 2015

What an excellent attorney Scott Mishkin is. He goes above and beyond, and he makes you feel comfortable. He is trustworthy, and genuine. He is knowledgeable he is superior and knows labor law inside and out. I have used Scott Mishkin before and I am back again. If you are searching for a real good lawyer look no more Mr. Mishkin is the one.

  • The Reviews are Correct.

Posted by Joseph 
July 22, 2015

I have just completed representation by Scott Michael Mishkin PC. Outstanding. The reviews were correct and I am happy to say so. Mr. Mishkin and his staff were with me the entire way. Updates continuously, whether good or bad, and always trustworthy and truthful. Ms. Mishkin sets the standards. His Firm's complaint, their deposition prep and taking of depositions, and fighting passionately for me against the opposing sides motions and arguments were excellent. I highly recommend you meet with his Firm before retaining another regular law firm.