It Truly Is Personal. To Me and My Firm, and To You.
Our firm is dedicated to representing employees and other individuals in all industries, all professions, and at all employment levels. As advocates for workplace fairness, our passion and our profession is to help advance the goals of employees and protect their rights against injustices in the workplace.

“I understand that individuals who have been subjected to discrimination based on their Age, Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Disability, National Origin, Ethnicity, or have been subject to harassment and retaliation in the workplace, are victims.
I have been one of them.”

New York Employment Law Attorneys

You spend more time at work than you do at home.

You are dedicated to your career. It’s your life.

You want to go to work, do the best you can and feel proud when you leave the office.

This is what you want recognized and not the color of your skin, or your religious beliefs, or age, gender, sexual orientation, disability or national origin, or not earning lawful wages and overtime pay.

You want to feel good when you’re on your way home from work and not believe that you are being discriminated or retaliated against, or that something is just not right.

No one deserves to be discriminated or retaliated against, or be subject to a hostile work environment and treated differently than co-workers.

Truth is, you know in your gut when you are being disrespected and treated differently in the work place than other workers. You know it’s not right but sometimes you may be afraid to speak up, after all you need your job.

It’s truly is a terrible feeling, to approach that parking lot in the morning and knowing that once you get into that building, you are going to be subjected to adverse treatment. It’s not fair and it’s against the law.

Here, at Scott Michael Mishkin PC, we understand the difficult situation you are in because Scott has been the victim of discrimination in the workplace and that is the reason he began fighting for equality in the workplace in 1993.

Workplace discrimination and retaliation is not only illegal, but it second guesses your abilities and lowers your self-esteem. And often, stays with you when you get home, which then takes away from your personal life.

Always worried and thinking about what is going to happen to you tomorrow at work?

We will help protect your rights and hold your employers accountable for their willful actions, and get you back to taking pride in yourself and your career.

Located in Islandia, New York, we represent both employees and employers from East Hampton New York to Buffalo New York. From east to west and north to south.

Our employment law firm is passionate, reputable, trustworthy and will become intricately involved with details of your career. We want the discrimination and retaliation against you to stop.

And, if you were fired with discriminatory or retaliatory intent, we will fight to make sure you get every remedy available to you pursuant to the law. Our goal is to make you whole again.

We litigate with the passion for the law and you.

We also provide employers with the knowledge and understanding of their lawful duties to prevent labor violations in the workplace and make certain all employees are treated equally.

See the difference. Feel the passion.

Nobody deserves to feel less than others while at work. No matter what you do for a living. We are all equal.

Trust your gut and let us prove, legally, that your gut was right.