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Handling Wage And Hour Claims

Every employee deserves to be paid fair wages. At the law office of Scott Michael Mishkin PC, we understand state and federal wage and hour laws. We can help you understand your rights to receive wages according to employment regulations and help you fight to receive the compensation you deserve.

Wage and hour claims can be complex. Our skilled employment lawyers have over two decades of experience helping employees file these claims and fight to make sure they are getting paid according to state and federal guidelines.

You spend a majority of your life working. You deserve to be properly paid for your time.

You Deserve To Be Paid For Your Work

Wage and hour claims can be filed for unpaid overtime wages, not being paid minimum wage, or classifying workers as independent contractors or as supervisors. These violations can result in employees not receiving fair wages over a significant period of time and can harm an employee’s lifetime financial earnings.

Our attorneys know it can be hard to report wage theft or other wage violations. Know this: your employer can only get in more trouble if he or she reports you to immigration or takes action against you out of retaliation for reporting the wage and hour issue in the first place.

We have represented hundreds of employees in New York with wage and hour claims, and we can help you, too. You deserve to be paid your fair share for the work you’ve done — don’t let your employer get away with stealing your hard-earned wages.

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You need to contact us immediately — there are specific time frames for how far back an employee can collect past-due wages so it is important to seek our advice right away.

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