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Need Help With Labor Relations?

At Scott Michael Mishkin PC, we understand the complex nature of labor relations and the impact hearings and the arbitration process can have on both employees and employers. This process can be complicated and hard to handle on your own. Our law firm has more than 20 years of experience helping clients address employment law issues.

We represent both sides involved in labor relations in New York. Our employment lawyers are trusted in the community for their skilled advice and extensive experience handling the process from the time an employee places a grievance to any necessary hearings.

Helping You From Start To Finish

Our attorneys can advise you throughout the labor relations process. We can review union contracts and make sure all stipulations are being followed and there are no contract breaches. If an employee with seniority was terminated, we can review the contract and make sure contract obligations were not violated.

We understand both sides of these cases. This unique perspective gives us an advantage when discussing your case and what options are available to remedy the situation for everyone involved.

Union employees have rights — we are here to protect those rights and make sure employees and employers understand what steps to take when any potential legal issues arise.

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We represent both sides in labor relations, including at arbitrations and hearings. Our skills and knowledge of the process help us find the best resolution for you. We provide free initial consultations. Call our experienced attorneys at 631-904-0186 or submit your information online.