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Representing School District And Municipality Employees

You are simply not the person you once were after being discriminated, retaliated against or ridiculed at your job. You have rights if you work for the local municipality, state or federal government — our attorneys at the law office of Scott Michael Mishkin PC can make sure your rights are protected.

We are passionate about helping employees and have more than 20 years of experience fighting on behalf of school district and municipality employees in New York.

School District Employees

School district employees can be victims of discrimination and unlawful treatment from personnel working for these agencies. Just like any other employee in New York, you are protected from these abuses in the workplace.

We have helped school district employees file discrimination and retaliation claims for a variety of reasons. We’ve seen teachers being retaliated against for advocating for special education issues, or for reporting the school district’s failure to comply with state or federal regulations. Discrimination and retaliation are illegal no matter what — let us help you stand up for your rights and hold your employer accountable for his or her actions.

Our lawyers are skilled and know how to properly handle these claims. The time is short to file claims against school districts — contact us right away to make sure your claim can be filed.

Municipality Employees

Employees working for local municipalities have the same rights as other employees. If you have been the victim of discrimination or retaliation, or any other illegal violation in the workplace, we can help.

It is important to work with us right away because the time frame to commence action against municipalities begins at the time the incident took place. Consult with us immediately to protect your rights before time runs out.

Don’t let your fear or anxiety about what’s happening at work stop you from contacting us. We will fight to find the best resolution in your case.

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We represent school district and municipality employees in New York. We have a passion for protecting employees’ rights — let us fight for you. Call our law firm at 631-904-0186 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation.