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Skilled Workplace Discrimination Attorneys

At the law office of Scott Michael Mishkin PC, we know all too well the damage of workplace discrimination. Discrimination can cause anxiety, stress, sleepless nights and a loss of happiness. Employees know in their gut when they are being treated differently than others. At our law firm, no gut feelings will go unanswered or unexamined.

We are dedicated to protecting employees and stopping discrimination at work. Our lawyers can explain your employee rights in New York and under federal employment laws, and help you hold those accountable for their actions in the workplace.

No one should ever have a bad day at work due to the color of their skin or their religious beliefs, or for being a member of any protected class.

When And How To Make A Complaint

Our attorneys can guide you through the entire complaint process. We will explain your rights and what steps to take, including who to complain to and what to say. We can help you file a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission as well as start the lawsuit process.

We have experience helping victims of the following types of workplace discrimination:

  • Race
  • Ethnicity
  • National origin
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Sexual orientation
  • Disability
  • Religious beliefs

We also help employees who have been victims of retaliation and harassment based on these protected classes.

Harassment And Retaliation Are All Too Common

It is important to know that if you have a good faith belief that you are a victim of discrimination, after you complain, you have a liable claim and are protected against any retaliation or further harassment. Many employees may start with a discrimination claim that later leads to a retaliation or harassment claim depending on how they are treated after they report the discrimination.

Talking about being a victim of discrimination can be difficult. We understand what you are going through and have a safe and comfortable environment to discuss your case. Don’t let fear stop you from protecting your rights in the workplace — we can help you every step of the way.

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