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Make Sure Your Job Title Earns You The Correct Wages and Overtime

There are times when an employee has worked as an hourly employee for years, providing the opportunity to earn overtime, and then suddenly the employee's title changes to "Manager" or "Supervisor" and is placed on a weekly salary, thus ending the ability usually to earn overtime and yet the employee is still performing the exact position responsibilities and nothing has changed.  Nothing.  No Supervising or Managing anybody.  If this has happend to you let me know.

Being treated differently than your similarly situated co-workers

Prospective clients consult with me for an employment related issue, where it turns out there is no cause of aciton availalbe for them, but as I listen to how they were being treated differently than their similalry situated co-workers, I learn it is becuase of either their Race, Age, Sexual Orientation, Gender, National Origin or due to their disability.  Some of the adverse actions I have come across are increased supervision, fabricated performance evaluations, not be inviting to meetings anymore, change of offices, involuntary transfers, or simply not even greeted with a Good Mornng when they arrive at work.  Its terrible and ruins your entire day and then you have to go back the next day, waiting to see how you are going to be treated.  There is remedy because all you want to do is be left alone and do your job in a hositle free work enironment.  So if your gut it telling you something is wrong at work, that something has changed and your not being treated the same as you similalry situated co-workers, let me know as you are probably not imagining it.


I established this blog for you to better understand my Firm's passion and dedication to each of our clients as well as an inside view to our representation process starting from initial client contact up to and including settlement or Jury Verdict. You will get to know my Firm even before we meet. Its a pretty cool way to get to know us even before we have contact.

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