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Amendments Pertaining to Sexual Harassment In Workplace

by | May 7, 2018 | Uncategorized

Please know the current New York Law which forbids sexual harassment of employees, has been expanded and now protects non-employees, including contractors, subcontractors, freelancers, vendors, consultants and anyone else providing services to an entity pursuant to a contract. 

Also, beginning July 11, 2018, mandatory arbitration clauses regarding claims of workplace sexual harassment will be prohibited.   The law also prohibits the use of non-disclosure clauses in settlement agreements or other agreements related to claims of sexual harassment, unless it is the express wish of the employee to include such a clause.

Also, as of October 9, 2018, employers will be obligated to distribute anti-harassment policies in the workplace, as well as to conduct annual anti-harassment training for all employees. 

For New York City employers, o

n April 11, 2018, the legislation passed the Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Act (NYC Act) which mandates annual anti-sexual harassment training for all employees. This training requirement applies to private employers of 15 or more employees in NYC and becomes effective as of April 1, 2019.

Businesses with four or more employees must comply with the state training requirement, and those with 15 or more employees in NYC must provide training compliant with both laws and employers must post new anti-sexual harassment posters, in both English and Spanish, with their other workplace posters. The City Commission will make such posters available 120 days after the Mayor signs the NYC Act.

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